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002 September/2021


Universitas Islam Indonesia Hosted the 52nd Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Virtual Meeting

Universitas Islam Indonesia hosted the 52nd Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Meeting. APAN itself is an organization that connects various research and higher education institutions through a private high-speed fiber-optic network in the…

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APAN WGs Highlights

AI-driven Networks WG

Recently, network technologies have become the focus of a huge transformation enabled by new models resulting…

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Identity and Access Management WG

Over the past five years the Identity and Access Management (IAM) taskforce has been working…

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Network Engineering Workshop

Network Engineering Workshop is held in every meeting, and the following engineering topics…

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Open and Sharing Data WG

About OSDWG: With the fundamental problems of open data and data sharing which are huge…

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APAN Member Highlights

ASGC Intro & It's brief international collaboration and starting of ISGC

In the early 1990s, Academia Sinica participated in High Energy Physics research at the U.S. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Radio Telescope in California. Since the experiments of the real-time monitoring and remote control of the telescope…

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5 minutes with Prof. Wang, Chairman of APAN

Jilong Wang

In 1996, I began to participate in the work of CERNET when I was a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University. I started as a…

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APAN Survey

Upon the successful conclusion of APAN52, we ran a survey to understand how APAN can improve its virtual conference management…

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IETF 112 Online

Event Location: Online

Activity Time: 08-12 November, 2021

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Internet2 Online

Event Location: Online

Activity Time: September-December, 2021

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